Letta (Buttero leather) / Card wallet

¥9,900($67.32) tax included

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*Limit of 3 per order.


Envelope type card wallet.

Using one of famous Italian leather in the world "Buttero" as the main body.

Size: length 6.6 cm, width 9.6 cm, thickness 1.5 cm

Material: Cowhide (Italian leather buttero)

Made in Japan (Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Pref)

* At the beginning of use, the leather feels taut and hard, but as it is used, the fibers of the leather loosen and become softer.
* Due to the nature of the screen processing you see, the actual colors may differ slightly.
* Depending on the material, sewing machine marks may be left in the manufacturing process.
* Donut-shaped black leather is sandwiched to reinforce the hook part. Please note that it is not a defective product, although it does not adhere and it seems that it is slightly misaligned.
* We use genuine leather. On the leather, wrinkle patterns ,unevenness, and traces of blood vessels appear as facial expressions. It is also a proof of living in the natural world, and is one of the points that we would like you to enjoy leather products.
*Customs duties are incurred in some countries and you are responsible for payment.

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¥9,900 ($67.32) tax included